Relevance push messages for online gambling

Element Wave is the winnеr of the sixth annual EiG Launch Pad (start-up contest), organized by industry expert Melissa Blau. The cоmpetition is dеsigned to promote successful innovative startups of young companies in order to launch their ideas into the online gambling space in the future.
Five promising startups are annually selected by jury members to continue to draw public attention to them, and most importantly, to attract investors’ finances and popularity among industry experts.
This year, all the discussions went around the Element Wave. The jury was convinced that this project should definitely win because it really is what the online gambling entertainment industry needs right now.
Dorothy Creaven is the CEO of Element Wave and Launch Pad, the audience was pleasantly impressed with her knowledge of mobile technology and its development trends. Element Wave does not specifically specialize in the online gambling market, but their approach ideally satisfies all the requirements put forward to the project. Dorothy Creaven herself expressed a desire to link her business with online gambling, because in them, she saw excellent prospects for the further development of the company and cooperation.
The meaning of the developed idea of ​​Dorothy Creaven is to send Push messages to mobile devices of people. In her opinion, this way is able to bring the necessary information to the targeted recipients. These messages can contain information about gaming sites, links to them, selected applications of mobile online casinos, etc. Having an extraordinary ability to “penetrate” directly into the hands of people, through their mobile phones, developers expect that 85% of push messages will be read by interested people, while maintaining complete confidentiality. Another advantage of push-messages is their low cost, in comparison with any other means of advertising.