Licensing of gambling in different countries

In any cĐľuntry of the world, before opening a virtual one, but an ordinary casino, you need to obtain special permission from the authorities. In other words, get a license. As for the virtual casino, it can be opened anywhere in the world, while choosing any state to register the gambling business.
Why do you need a gambling license for an online casino?
Of course, such a business can be conducted without registration. However, most large casinos on the Internet have a special license. There are several reasons why it is necessary to have permission to run the gaming business on the World Wide Web. First of all, for users, the license is a guarantee of the integrity and reliability of online casinos. It is companies that have a special permit that is trusted by users. Banks when opening current accounts require a license from the company. This is especially true of the contract for receiving various payments from various bank cards. It is worth noting that in some states the gaming business without a license is punishable. It may entail criminal or administrative liability.
How to choose the right jurisdiction for online casinos?
Initially it is necessary to determine the players of which country will be involved. The main rule – the vast majority of players must know the chosen jurisdiction. Therefore, the optimal jurisdiction will be the country from which more people will visit the online casino.
If you look at the legislative regulation of the gaming business on the Internet, then all states can be divided into three groups:
1) States where there is a ban on the conduct of the gaming business. To engage in this type of activity without violating the laws in such a country is impossible. These countries include Andorra, China, USA, Ukraine and Russia.
2) States where there is no prohibition on the conduct of the gaming business. However, online casinos cannot be licensed. The number of such countries decreases annually. Of course, starting a business in such a country is much easier. But there is no guarantee that in a couple of years such activity will not be prohibited or it will not need to be licensed.
3) States in which the gaming business is clearly described in the law, as well as the rules for obtaining permission. This group includes major developed countries and offshore jurisdictions, such countries include island states.